Secure Payments EFT Canada


The Bank Account/EFT (Canada) section inside the Processors area of Secure Payments (formerly PCI Wallet) is where you add EFT processors to your account. Currently, Secure Payments is integrated with VersaPay and EFTCanada for EFT.

To add a new EFT processor, click the plus button.

The following information is required when entering a new EFT Processor:




A name that will differentiate this processor from others in your account

API token

This is your processor API token

API key

This is your processor API key

Fund token (Bank Account)

This is a token provided by the processor that is needed to send funds to your bank account

Auto reversal

Choose whether returned payments should be automatically reversed inside Secure Payments and LoanPro

Bypass processing

Choosing “Yes” means payments won’t actually be sent to the processor

Demo account

Choosing “Yes” means payments will be sent to the processor demo account instead of your live account

When you have entered the information, click SAVE.

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