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LoanPro lets you create custom fields, but you may also want the system to keep track of values that are computed using existing system values. Computation fields let you do this.

Computation fields are only intended to be used for the UI and are not intended to be used for reports or other processes that allow you to pull these fields. We do not recommend using of computation fields in Custom Query or Special Reports with any volume over 1000 records and/or multiple computation fields selected. If these recommendations are exceeded, the desired report may take longer than the standard allotted 24-hour time period to generate, and thus will automatically be deleted before completion.

How To

To create a computation field, navigate to Settings > Loan > Custom Fields > Computation inside your company account.

Click   to add a computation field.

First, enter the basic information about the computation field. This information includes:

  • Name – The name of the field. This name should distinguish the field from other computation fields on your account.
  • Output format – The data type of the computation field value. The options are Number, Date, or Currency.
  • Round result – The number of decimal places the field value should be rounded to (only shown if output format is number).
  • Display – Choose whether the field value should be displayed inside customer accounts and in what area.

After you enter the basic information about the field, you can enter the computation that will be used to compute the field value. Just like rules, computation fields use Clojure syntax. You can use variables in your computation as well as static values so that the field value will be computed specifically for each customer account.

When you have entered your computation, click the blue Save button in the top right corner.

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