Force Payments


The force payments option is designed to give you quick access to both the schedule roll and the schedule round tools in a single location.

How To

Using the force tool is easy and can be done from the Account Setup > Setup Terms of any account.  If the account is activated, you won’t have access to the force tool until you inactivate it.

To use the force tool, click Schedule tools  . This will open a drop down menu, allowing you to access the “Force” tool.

Your options include:

  • Load – This menu lets you select from your roll schedule templates.
  • New Schedule Line – This button lets you add a new custom line to the payment schedule.
  • Round – This icon allows you to enter a round amount to the final payment of the loan. Entering a positive value in this field will increase the final payment, while entering a negative value will reduce the final payment.
  • Force – This option will attempt to force the payment schedule you enter to be exactly the payment schedule for the loan by rounding off or adding any necessary amount to the loan schedule.
  • Delete – This will delete any schedule lines or round amounts entered.

To enter a new payment schedule, click  .

Enter the information for the new payment schedule line.  And click Save.  Repeat this as many times as necessary until you have constructed the payment schedule you want.
Click  .  This will implement the schedule and enter any necessary round amount to make the schedule you entered be the schedule for the loan.  You are done!

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