Secure Payments API – LoanPaymentPro Processor


LoanPaymentPro is unique among Secure Payments (formerly PCI Wallet) processors. This is because it supports both eCheck and Credit Card transactions. After a processor is created, working on transactions will use different paths depending on transaction types. Credit card transactions will use loanpaymentpro-cc and eCheck transactions will be on the path loanpaymentpro-ach.

How To

To create a LoanPaymentPro processor, send a POST request to the endpoint:


Sample payload:

"loanpaymentpro": {
"name": "sample processor",
"transaction_key": YOUR TRANSACTION KEY,
"type": "cc"

Sample cURL payload:

curl -X POST --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'authorization: YOUR AUTH' --header 'secret: YOUR SECRET' -d '{ \
"loanpaymentpro": { \
"name": "sample processor", \
"transaction_key": YOUR TRANSACTION KEY, \
"type": "cc" \
} \
}' ''

Notice that the request to create a LoanPaymentPro processor contains a type attribute. This is used to indicate what type of transactions you intend to process with this particular processor. Set the type to “ach” to process eCheck transactions and “credit-card” to process credit card transactions.


"id": 1

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