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The Customers section of Secure Payments (formerly PCI Wallet) is where you add customers directly. Secure Payments can function as a standalone application, but it is more commonly integrated with other applications and customer data is sent from those sources.

The Customers page has two main parts. You can search for existing customers by entering keywords into the “Search” field, or you can add new customers by clicking .

To search for customers, enter any text you want to use to help filter search results into the “Search” field and press Enter on your keyboard.

Customer Creation and Personal Info

To enter a new customer record, click the plus button.

Here, you can fill in the personal customer's personal information, and must include the required fields of their first and last name, gender, birth date, and address.

If you enter a ZIP code (not a postal code) the city and state will be looked up and populated for you. There is a “Same as primary” link above the mailing address section. If you click it, the mailing-address fields will be populated with the values from the corresponding primary-address fields.

Once you have entered the customer information, click Save.

Payment Profiles

After the Personal Information has been saved, you can create Payment Profiles for the specific customer. Click the plus button to add a payment profile.

Choose the type of profile whether it is a bank card or a bank account and enter the necessary information.

Note: If the payment profile type is a bank account, you can choose between checking and savings accounts. The account type will be displayed.

Click to save the payment profile.

Transaction History

On the Transaction History page, you can see all the current and past transactions in Secure Payments. You can choose a date range to search transactions. The little info button will provide more details about the individual transactions.


On the Notes page, you can add any notes related to the specific customer. Simply click the plus button to add a new note.

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