Export Loan Promises


Promises can be exported as a comma separated values (CSV) file to your computer.  This file can be opened by any spreadsheet program (e.g. Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc, Apple Numbers).  Before you export, you can first refine your search by Filtering by Status, and/or Filtering by Category.  Having your data in a CSV file lets you use a spreadsheet program to format and customize it beyond what LoanPro is capable of.

How To

To export a list of your borrowers’ promises navigate to Loan Manager > [Choose a Loan] > Servicing > Promises.  Refine your search by selecting your desired status and category and then select Excel Data Dump after clicking .  This will download a CSV file of the promise data to your computer.

The download location of this file depends on your web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer) and your browser’s settings.

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