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Mail-house, trigger-based notifications are notifications that, when triggered, will mail out a physical notification. The notification is sent by  Connections to a company that prints the notification, places it in an envelope, and mails it to the customer.

How To

To set up a trigger-based, mail-house notification, navigate to Settings > Company > Notifications > Trigger Based Notifications inside your company account.

To add a new notification, click .

Make sure you are on the Mail House tab, since any type of notification can be created here.

Enter a title for you notification in the “Notification Title” field. Click Empty to enter the  rule that will determine when the notification will be triggered. Use the “Mail House Status” toggle switch to turn the notification on. Select one of your  templates from the “Templates” drop-down. Finally, click  to save the notification.

Now that the notification has been created, it will be sent out each time a loan qualifies for the rule you entered for this notification.

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