Curtailment Dates


Since flooring loans are a business to business loan, the schedule of curtailments is often non-standard. The curtailment dates setup tool lets you update the curtailment dates for the loan, including curtailment dates that were entered as a part of the loan setup.

Note: This tool is not available if the loan is not activated.

How to Update Curtailments

To update loan curtailments, navigate to Account Setup > Setup Tools > Curtailment Dates inside a loan.

To add a curtailment, click  .

In the curtailment date box that pops up, you can enter a date for the next curtailment and either an amount or a percentage of the loan amount that will come due on the date you enter. There are shortcuts you can click to help you enter dates that are 30, 45, 60, or 90 days after the previous curtailment.

Click  to save the curtailment once you’ve entered the information.

Click  edit to the right of any curtailment to edit it, or delete  to delete it.

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