API – Responses with Multiple Results

Sometimes, some requests will return multiple results. This often happens with GET requests where an ID is not specified. Such requests will have the following properties inside of the OData standard “d” property:

  • results – This is an array holding individual results
  • __next – this holds a link that is reserved for future use.
  • summary – This holds information about the current starting index, the number of items returned, and the maximum items to return

We will now go over each of these in depth.


This is simply an array with objects. Each object is a result. Each result is an entity. Please refer to documentation for entities to know what fields to expect.


This is unused and is reserved for future use.


This holds a summary of what was returned. Below are the fields:

  • start – holds the index of the starting element (starting at 0). This does not correspond the the starting element’s ID. Rather, it shows how many elements were skipped.
  • pageSize – holds the maximum number of elements to return
  • total – holds the total number of elements that were returned. This can be smaller than pageSize, but never larger.

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