Secure Payments API – LoanPaymentPro Process Card Payment


Secure Payments allows you to process payments through LoanPaymentPro, a payment processor that deals with both checking accounts and bank cards. This article deals with cards; for checking accounts, see Secure Payments API – LoanPaymentPro Process ACH Payment. Before you process any payments, you'll need to create a LoanPaymentPro Processor.

How To

To process a LoanPaymentPro bank card payment, send a POST request to this endpoint:


Here's a sample JSON payload:

"transaction": {
"amount": 1.00
"card": {
"token": "CARD-TOKEN"
"metadata": {}

And the same payload as a cURL request:

curl -X POST --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'authorization: YOUR AUTH' --header 'secret: YOUR SECRET' -d '{ \
"transaction": { \
"amount": 1.00 \
}, \
"card": { \
}, \
"metadata": {} \
}' ''

The response should look something like this:

"transaction": {
"amount": 1,
"raw_response": "{\"Status\":\"Success\"\"}",
"operation": "process",
"operation_success": true,
"created": "2018-2-19 19:19:58",
"token": TOKEN,
"status": "submitted",
"id": 15312,
"raw_http_code": 200,
"processor": "loanpaymentpro-cc",
"metadata": "{}",
"customer_name": "John Q. Customer",
"customer_id": 18816
"processor": {
"id": 1,
"user_id": 622,
"name": "sample LPP CC",
"transaction_key": "Encrypted-Value",
"type": "credit-card"

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