Updating Employer Information


LoanPro provides users the option to track a customer’s employer information. As you likely know, keeping accurate records of your borrowers' employment information is important to the underwriting and servicing processes. This information can be updated when needed so that it’s always current.

How To

You can update customer employer information in one of two ways: either through navigating to Users > Customer Manager inside your company account, or the Customer tab within an individual loan. After finding the customer whose information you'd like to edit, navigate to the Employer tab.

Click 'Edit' to update the information.

Most of the information on this page is pretty straightforward. One thing to pay special attention to is the 'Income' and 'Income Frequency' fields. The income amount you enter is dependent on the Income Frequency selection. The 'Next Pay Date' and 'Pay Date Frequency' fields are designed to help you configure AutoPays so you anticipate which days of the week are best for the borrower to make payments on their loan.

If the customer’s address is in the US, the city and state information will be populated automatically with the help of LoanPro's USPS integration after you enter the ZIP Code. Of course, you can make changes to the populated values if needed.

Once you have entered your data or made the desired changes, click 'Save' to complete the process.


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