The NACHA process is illustrated in the diagram above. This article will cover setting up your NACHA processors so you are ready to make NACHA payments. For information on the NACHA process, view the article  NACHA Process Start to Finish.

What is a NACHA Processor

Secure Payments (formerly PCI Wallet) uses the concept of payment processors. A NACHA processor is a type of payment processor. A payment processor is an entity that is used to process payments. These payments will be settled to a specific bank account and work with one of the payment processors you've signed up with. This is valuable, because, if you have accounts with multiple payment processors, you can easily specify which loans in LoanPro use which payment processors to run payments. For additional information on payment processors see the article  Using Multiple Payment Processors.

You don't need a third-party account to use a NACHA processor, but you will need a relationship with a bank that will actually process NACHA transactions. When a payment is processed through a NACHA payment processor, no funds are moved. Rather, the transaction is immediately placed in "Pending" status in Secure Payments. The transaction remains in Pending Status until it is added to a NACHA batch. A file that is in a NACHA-accepted format can then be generated for the batch. Although it is possible to have multiple NACHA processors, each batch will consist of transactions from a single processor ONLY.

Create a NACHA Processor

We already have an article to teach you how to  create a NACHA processor. This can be done via the user interface, or via the  API. The easiest way to illustrate creating a NACHA processor through the API is with an example:

Once you have created the NACHA processors you need, you can start taking NACHA payments. These can be made through any of the following channels:

The diagram below illustrates the process and outcomes for payments.

The final setup item will be to make sure  callback urls have been added to your Secure Payments account. These callback URLs will let Secure Payments update LoanPro transaction statuses when they are updated in Secure Payments.

Note: When NACHA files are generated, any special character names will be scrubbed out, this includes processor names. Accepted character are 0-9 a-z A-Z - & , .

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