Routing Number Verification


When a bank account for a new payment profile is entered into LoanPro, a check is run to make sure that the routing number entered is valid. We will be going over this 2-step process. The first verification step looks at the "check digit", and the second step checks for a bank name associated with the number. This 2-step process helps ensure that routing numbers are valid and in-use.

Step One

The "check digit" is the 9th number of the routing number. Using a mathematical process, that number can be calculated from the first 8 digits to help ensure it is a valid routing number. For information regarding the exact mathematical process used to calculate the "check digit" see this article: How to Calculate Check Digits in Routing Numbers.

Step Two

Routing numbers are checked against our database to match an assigned routing number to a bank name. This information comes from the digits in the routing number itself. More information can be found by viewing these articles: Training Page: Learning the Bank Numbering System and ABA routing transit number.

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