Flags are a good way to give a more in-depth look at loan conditions.  There are several flag colors and you can set a specific flag to appear on accounts based on a certain condition.  For example, you could set the system to show a green flag on all accounts that are in ‘Open’ status, have had human activity within the last 15 days, and are less than $400.00 past due.  The conditions or rules that determine if a flag should appear on an account are created as computation rules inside LoanPro.

Configuring your Flags

To create a new flag, navigate to Settings > Loan > Alerts > Flag System inside your company account.

To create a new flag, click .

Enter a name for the flag in the Name field.  Select the color of the flag in the adjacent drop-down.  Enter a description of the flag in the Description field.  

Now enter the formula for the rule that will determine if a customer account qualifies for a flag.  You can use variables in the rule to make the rule specific to each customer account.  

Once you have entered the information for the flag, click  to save the flag.
These items will appear in a popover that can be accessed from the account header inside of each customer’s account.  Just click the flags () to view the popover.

Using Flags

Flags are usually used as a reminder of certain conditions in customer accounts. Your company may make a practice of reviewing relevant flags on loans when you speak with customers. You also have the option in the Loan Manager and in most reports to include a column that will show the flags associated with each loan. To filter your search results by active flags, click the 'Advanced Filters' button in the search bar.

Scroll down to the bottom, and select the flags you want to filter with.

What's Next?

In addition to flags, we recommend using Stoplights to give your agents a quick glance at how a loan is performing.

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