Clearing Cache


Clearing your cache can help your browser run smoother. Since LoanPro is a web-based application, we recommend regularly clearing your cache to ensure that new images, files, and documents will display versus old cached ones.

Google Chrome

To clear your cache in Google Chrome, you will need to click on the menu button in the top right of the browser.

Then, click More Tools > Clear Browsing Data. This will display a box with different history clearing options. Make sure to check the "Cached images and files" option with the time range set to "All time". Once this is complete, click 'Clear data'.

Your cache will now be cleared.

For best performance, we highly recommend that you use Google Chrome to access LoanPro software.


Clearing the cache in Firefox follows much the same process as clearing it in Google Chrome. The Mozilla Support site explains how to do so in detail.

Clearing Site Data

It is also helpful to clear your application cache. Because LoanPro runs in your browser, the data the browser has stored for the site may be old, inaccurate, or corrupt. This may necessitate that you clear the data the browser is storing. You can clear the cache for web pages, but sometimes you need to clear the data stored by your browser application. This may be necessary if you are receiving cross-site request forgery (CSRF) errors.

To clear browser application data in Google Chrome, open the DevTools in the settings or by clicking F12. Click on the 'Application' tab at the top of the window, then select "Clear Storage" from the side bar menu.

Select all the options that apply and click 'Clear site data'.

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