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The Loan Admin Tools > Rule Applied Configuration section allows you run rule evaluations for specific groups of loans in your company whenever you want. Rule evaluations are typically run with  daily maintenance, when an account is opened, or when an action is performed on an account(although this is not always the case). Sometimes you may want to run rule evaluations on a group of loans for  rules applied when a change has been made to those loans or just to ensure that all information is up to date. 

How To Run an Evaluation

To run an evaluation, first, choose the loans for which you want to run the rule evaluation by  searching them in the  Loan Manager. Then select “Loan Admin Tools” from the more_vert drop-down.

This will take you to Tools > Loan Admin Tools.

Then, expand the Rule Applied Configuration section.

If you want to run a rule evaluation for any of these rules, check the box to the right of the rule in the Run Rule column. Once you have checked all the boxes for every rule that you want to run, you will need to click   to run the evaluation.

Note: For the Rule Applied Configuration Admin Tool to effectively run the rule applied and make the selected changes, the rule applied must be active in the specified loan accounts. To activate a rule within an account, navigate inside of the account to the Rules Applied section in which the rule is found. Once inside of the section where the rule is found, select the button to the right of the specific rule and click "Set As Active". You can also enroll all the loans in your company for the rule by navigating to Settings > Loan > Rules Applied, then selecting   next to the rule you would like to enroll all loans for. This will set the rule as active in all loan accounts. 

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