Delete a Loan


You can delete unwanted loans from LoanPro. Before doing this, verify that you truly don't want the loan or any of it's associated information. It is possible to restore a deleted loan, but we recommend simply archiving loans if you may need to access their information in the future.

How To

To delete a loan, first find the loan you want to delete. Inside the loan, navigate to Account Setup > Setup Tools > Live/Archive.

Select the "Delete" radio button and click  . 

StackBlitz Example

Many of our articles use StackBlitz examples like this. These examples are like a window into a REST client right here in your browser. The window is divided into two sides. Developers can use info in the editor on the left side when configuring your API integration, and the right side shows a preview of a REST client. Click 'Preview' on the bottom, and you'll only see the REST client.

The entire request is set up and connected to a demo API tenant in LMS. Just scroll down and click 'send' and you should get a 200 response. If you want to get some practice with error codes, try editing the endpoint, headers, method and payload to see what responses you get.

You will be asked to confirm the deletion and given an explanation of what this will mean. Click to continue to delete the loan. This will complete the process of deleting the loan.

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