Associated Companies Inside a Loan


Sometimes companies want to assign a loan to another company. This may be because the assigned company is handling a bankruptcy, collections, repossession, or some other important loan function. In LoanPro, you can create categories for these companies and records within each category. This article will cover how to assign associated companies to loans within LoanPro. For information on how to create associated companies see Associated Company Directory.

Assigning an Associated Company

Associated companies can be created in any area of the software where custom fields are available (Loan, Customer, Source Company). To assign an associated company to an entity in LoanPro, inside that entity you will need to navigate to the custom fields section where associated company has been created. For example, if you have created an associated company custom field in the Loan Settings Custom Fields and you would like to use it to assign an associated company to a loan, you would navigate inside of the loan to Loan Settings > Settings > EDIT.  You will see the custom field you have created in the Custom Fields Section.

Select the custom field to assign the loan an Associated Company from the associated company directory associated with the custom field. To save the changes select 'Save'.

Once you have selected an associated company, you will see a blue Company Information icon next to the custom field.

Select the house icon to quickly see the associated company information.

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