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Sometimes it may be useful to link loans together inside of your company account. LoanPro lets you link a loan to one other loan, but an unlimited number of loans can be linked to any one loan. This is most easily represented visually:

The green loan in the center is linked “to” only to the red loan on the left, but there are four blue loans linking to the center loan (i.e. the center loan is linked “from” the four blue loans). Each of the blue loans are linked only to the green loan, but other loans can link to the blue loans.

How To

To link loans together navigate to Loan Settings > Account Linking inside one of the loans you want to link.

You will see that you have options at the top of this section for “Linked To” and “Linked From.” As was stated before, you can only link "to" a single loan. To do this, select Click Here. You will now see a list of the loans that are available for linking.

Check the box to the right of the loan you want to link and select . (Note: You can only link "to" one loan. The user interface makes this obvious.) If you were in the “Link From” section, this wouldn’t be the case. Now you can select the linking options you want.

 These include:

  • Header Link – This adds a link to the loan header, allowing you to click to open the linked loan.
  • Payments (All) – All payments made on this loan will also be logged to the linked loan automatically.
  • Charges – All charges posted to this loan will also be posted to the linked loan automatically.
  • Split Payment – This gives the option to split a payment between linked loans.

Once you have selected the options you want, click Save. Your loans are linked!

Once the loans have been linked, the linked loan will be displayed in the Linked To section, and the account that the loan has be linked to will now display the linked from loan in the Linked From section.

An account may only be linked to one loan, but an account may be linked from multiple loans.

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