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LoanPro provides a quick note option so that you can easily log template notes instead of typing them out each time. You can add or edit the template notes. This article goes over adding a note template for your company.

How To

To add a quick note template, navigate to Settings > Loan > Labeling > Quick Notes Library inside your company account.

Click Add .

Enter a name for the quick note in the “Name” field. This name should distinguish the note from other quick notes you may create on the account. Select a  category for the note from the Category drop-down. Enter the text of the note in the field provided. If you would like to add variables to your quick note template, click the  Help variables link.

To find a variable enter a search word or phrase into the “Search by keyword” field. Once you have found the variable you want to add, click   to see the variable details.

Click the Help Variable ID link to add the variable to your template.

You can format the note using the formatting tools. The tools include: Text Color, Highlight Color, Bold, Italics, Underline, Undo, Redo, Font, Font Size, and HTML View.

Once you’ve entered the note information, click Save . You are done!

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