Update Company Contact Information


To update company contact information for an individual company, click the user at the top right of the page, then navigate to Account > Company Profile > Company Contact Information. Click 'Edit' at the right of the header.

Company Contact Data

Here's a breakdown of what data each field should hold.



Legal Name of Business

This is the legal name of your business, not the name you are doing business as.

Company EIN / Tax ID

This field is used for the number that identifies your business.

Friendly Business Name

This is the name you are doing business under.

This is a simple text field.  The company name is a value that is used throughout the system including as a variable that can be merged into custom forms, payment receipts, and print bills.  It also appears in the header of the company website. Additionally, including any punctuation in this field, such as a comma, may affect company process. To avoid this, keep the field free of punctuation.

Name of Business Owner

This is the name of the individual who owns the company.

Company Website

This is the web address of your company website, if you have one.

Administrative User

This is the person who your company has designated as the administrator of the software.

Web Domain Name

This is the subdomain or domain alias that will be used for your company’s customer-facing website, which LoanPro provides. The final URL for the website will be something like company.loanpro.software, where “company” will be replaced with the value you enter as your web domain name. Spaces are not allowed in this field.

Company Phone Numbers

LoanPro helps you organize your company phone numbers.  For example, you can designate a phone number as primary by clicking the key icon located near the phone number field.  LoanPro also lets you specify the main purpose of a phone number using a drop-down list next to the phone number field. LoanPro also doesn’t restrict how many phone numbers can be entered. To add another number to the list of phone numbers for your company, simply click the plus icon located near the phone number field.

Phone numbers in LMS are recursive, meaning you can add as many as you'd like. The phone number field is a formatted text field with an adjacent drop-down menu.

Company Email Address

LoanPro helps you organize your company email addresses. For example, you can designate an email address as primary for your company by clicking the key icon located near the email address field. LoanPro also lets you specify the main purpose of an email address using a drop-down list next to the email address field. LoanPro doesn’t restrict the number of email address you can add for your company. To add another email address for your company, click the plus icon.

The email address field is a simple text field.  Email addresses inside of LoanPro are recursive, meaning you can add as many as you would like.

Company Website URL

This field is the web URL of your company website.  The company website is used as a variable in custom forms, print bills, and payment receipts.  This is not necessarily the same as the LoanPro customer website.

Primary Contact

The primary contact for your company can be selected from a drop-down menu.  This menu is populated with the names of all the  agent users within your company.  To add an agent user, navigate to Users > Agent Users.  The primary contact is the person within your company who is the primary contact with LoanPro.  Some requests made to LoanPro must be made in writing by the primary contact.

Company Address

To switch between countries for this or any Address in LoanPro, select the country you want from the Country drop-down list.  When entering a US address, the ZIP code will be decoded automatically through a United States Postal Service integration.  You can also manually decode the ZIP code by clicking  located close to the ZIP code field.

Address formats for the United States and Canada are supported inside of LoanPro.   Addresses consist of four fields: Address line 1, Address line 2, ZIP/Postal Code, and City, and two drop-down lists: State/Province and country.

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