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It is possible to export data from LoanPro in several places throughout the system. Exporting data will let you do further calculations on the data or change the format of the data inside of a spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel, Apple Pages, or OpenOffice Calc. This article is specific to export data from the Loan Manager.

How To

To export data from the Loan Manager, navigate to Loans > Loan Manager inside your company account.  Search for the loans from which you want to export data.  Once you have the results of your loan search, select Excel Data Dump from the Data Options drop-down.

This should bring up a message at the bottom right of your screen telling you the Data dump has been successfully scheduled.

This message is temporary and will go away after a few seconds.  You can download the report by clicking  in the Loan Manager header.

This will bring up a list of generated reports.  You can choose to download any of them by clicking  .  Download the report you just generated. This will save a CSV file to your computer.  You can open this file in any spreadsheet application (e.g. Microsoft Excel).

Your data will now be exported.

The data you export may include leading zeros. These are pieces of data that have numbers that begin with zeros, such as IDs like 00045789. Excel tends to drop the zeros in this data since it thinks you won't need them. If you would like Excel to keep your leading zeros, our Keeping Leading Zeros on Your Import and Export Files article will explain how to do so.

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