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Secure Payments is integrated with Repay Payment Solutions, which will let customers process payments from both bank cards and ACH accounts. Once you have an account with Repay, you can create Repay payment processors inside of Secure Payments. You will then be able to use Repay to take payments through either Secure Payments or LMS.

Two quick things to note about using Repay:
  • By default, Repay will expect a bank card's security code. Secure Payments doesn't save the code in order to maintain PCI Compliance, so when signing up for Repay, make sure they turn off the security code requirement or you'll get errors when processing payments.
  • When processing an ACH payment through Repay, transaction statuses are not updated automatically. This means that the status won't change in LMS when the payment succeeds and funds settle to your bank account. Unless you are prepared to manually update statuses and verify transaction success between Repay and LMS, this is not the solution for you.

Creating a Repay Payment Processor in LMS

You must be signed up with Repay in order to set up a payment processor in LMS. To do this, navigate to Settings > Company > Merchant > Secure Payments. Depending on the type of payments you would like to process, you can add Repay as a bank card processor or a bank account/ACH processor.

Choose the desired processor type and click 'Add Processor'.

Make sure to choose 'Repay' under the processor type drop-down selection. Give the processor a name. Enter in the APP Token and Subdomain provided by REPAY. Choose a Convenience Fee amount. You can choose some settings for this processor including:

  • Bypass Processing - If set to yes, payments processed with this processor will be logged in LoanPro, but won't be sent to Repay.
  • Default - If set to yes, this processor will become your default credit/debit card processor.
  • Auto Reversal - If set to yes, charged-back payments will automatically be reversed in LoanPro.

Once you have entered the information, click 'Save'.

You can now log a payment using the REPAY processor.

Creating a Repay Payment Processor in Secure Payments

To create a REPAY payment processor, navigate to Processors inside Secure Payments. Choose Bank Card or Bank Account/ACH (USA) depending on the type of payments being processed. Click to get started.

Make sure you choose "Repay" from the drop-down. Now you can add your information for Repay, including:

  • Name - The name of the processor. You can create more than one processor, and this name will help you distinguish this processor from others you may create.
  • App Token - The API token provided to you by REPAY.
  • Subdomain - The subdomain provided to you by REPAY.
  • Convenience Fee - The amount of the convenience fee in your REPAY account.

Once you have entered this information, click 'Save'.

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