Extra Towards Options


When making a payment in LoanPro, you have different options when it comes to "extra" payment amount. For example, if a borrower's payment comes due for the amount of $300.00 and the borrower makes a payment of $350.00, they paid $50.00 more than what is due. This "extra" $50.00 can be applied in different ways.

Note: Extra towards options will be different depending on if your interest is set to accrue between periods or between transactions. These options will be explained below.

Extra Towards

  • Between Periods: For the interest application setting of "between periods", your options for "extra towards" are “principal only” and “next payment”.
    • Principal only will apply the extra amount directly to principal. This will not affect the past-due calculation or the next payment amount on the loan. For example, if the “extra” amount is $10 and the next scheduled payment is $200, the next scheduled payment will still be $200.
    • Next payment will apply the “extra” amount to the next payment. The application date of the “extra” amount will be the same as the next scheduled payment date. For example, if the “extra” amount is $10 and the next payment comes due on July 1, $10 will apply to the loan on July 1.
  • Between Transactions:
    • Classic will apply the extra amount to the next due payment, and if the next due payment is covered, any remaining amount will be applied towards principal only (doesn't affect the amount past due).
    • Principal will apply the extra amount towards principal on the loan. Extra towards principal differs from extra towards principal-only in that when you choose extra towards principal, the portion of the payment that exceeds the amount due on the loan (the extra portion) will also reduce the amount past due.
    • Principal only will apply extra towards principal ONLY. This option will stop the extra portion from reducing amount past due. For example, if $80.00 is due on the loan and the borrower pays $100.00, selecting extra towards principal will mean that after the payment applies, -$20.00 will be due on the loan, whereas selecting extra towards principal only will mean that after the payment applies, $0.00 will be due on the loan.

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