Human Activity

Human Activity Date

LoanPro Software records in the Loan Archive a value of “Human Activity”. This is the most recent date as of the quoted date that activity has been done on the account, excluding activities performed by LoanPro Software. The purpose of this value is for easy tracking of accounts that need “human” attention. It will also highlight accounts that are “self-managed” meaning that LoanPro is doing all of the work on those accounts automatically based on the settings configured on the accounts.

This value can be pulled from the Custom Query, as well as the Loan Archive Reports

Excluded Activities — (These activities DO NOT update the Human Activity date)
  • AutoPay Processing
  • Trigger Qualifications (Trigger Notifications, Recurring Charges, Rules Applied Application)
  • Automatic Late Fees
  • Include Loan in Reports, or Tools used.
  • Collector Queue Notes (only the CQ notes, not anything done in the loan during the CQ process, only the CQ note).
  • Updating Actions and Results via CSV (updating through the UI will update human activity)
Included Activities — (These activities DO update the Human Activity date)
  • Creating or Updating a Note
  • Creating or Updating a Promise
  • Creating and Updating Actions and Results
  • Updating Loan Settings – such as changing loan status, closed date, etc..
  • Update Escrow: Transactions, Adjustments, Settings
  • Account Linking
  • Creating AutoPay
  • Net Charge-Off Adjustments
  • Select/de-select Checklist items
  • Upload/Update/Make Visible a document (to the loan)
  • Generation of Custom Form
  • Updating Collateral
  • Updating Insurance
  • Adjustment to Setup Terms of the account
  • Transactions Create/Update/Remove
    • Payment Posting on an account, other than through autopay
    • Creating/Updating Charges
    • Advancement/Credit
    • Late Fee Changes
    • Curtailments Adjusted
    • Roll Schedule Adjusted
    • Past Due Adjustments
    • Loan Modification
    • Suspend Payments adjustments
    • Custom Fields
    • Live/Archive/Resurrect
    • Additional Information Updates
    • Suspend/Resume Interest
    • Change Due Date
    • Account Funding
  • Activation

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