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LoanPro allows you to quickly and easily add notes about a loan. Notes can help you keep track of interactions with your borrowers concerning the loan and any other information that might be useful for future reference. These notes are tied directly to the loan. If you would like to record more general notes related to the borrower, please refer to  customer notes.

How To

Use a Quick Note

There are a few options when it comes to taking notes on an account. The easiest option is to use the quick notes tool. The easiest way to create a quick note is by using the quick note icon in your user's shortcut set. For more information on how to create a shortcut set and assign it to a user, see the article  Create a New Shortcuts Set. Once it has been configured for a user, the quick notes shortcut is located at the top of any loan in the shortcuts set options.

Open the quick note dialog by clicking the Quick Note option.

Quick notes are a library of notes that you can easily select from to make the process of adding a note to an account quick and standardized. Select the note you want from the drop-down menu. Once the note is selected, the text of the note will appear beneath the drop-down.

Once you’ve selected the note, click  to save it on the account.

If you’re having trouble accessing the quick notes tool as described above, please refer to the Agent Users article to learn how to access shortcuts.

Use a Note

The other option to make a note on an account is in the Servicing > Notes/Alerts section of a loan.

In the top right corner click  to add a new note. You will have the option to add a New Note or add a Quick Note

If you select New Note, you will see the following:

Enter a title for the note in the “Title” field. Choose a note category from the “Category” drop-down. Enter the body of the note in the text edit area provided. Loan notes are saved as HTML in LoanPro. This means you can format the notes, and the formatting will be saved. You have the following formatting options: Text Color, Highlight Color, Bold, Italics, Underline, Undo, Redo, Font, Font Size, and HTML View.

When you have entered the information for your note and formatted it how you want, click   to save it.

Viewing a Note

Once you have created a loan note, you will be able to see it in the note in the Servicing > Notes/Alerts section of a loan.

Next to each note there are three action icons:

- Use this button to attach a document to the note.
edit - Use this button to edit an existing note.
delete - Use this button to delete an existing note.


Notes are very helpful for the lender. When a collector is looking at a loan, it is very important to know what the last correspondence was between the borrower and the lender. For example, a collector can leave a note stating that an attempted phone call was made and a detailed voice message was left. This record will show that you as the lender did your part in trying to reach out and notify your borrower that a payment came due. If the borrower denies that any contact attempts were made, you and your servicers can use the notes as evidence that you tried to contact the borrower. Good note taking will ease potential difficult borrower interactions, make your servicers more knowledgeable, and your company more professional.

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