Interest Adjustment Categories


This feature allows you to arrange your Interest adjustments into specific categories in LoanPro so they are organized and labelled. You can find your Interest adjustment categories by navigating to Settings > Loan > Labeling > Interest Adjustment Categories.

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By default, you should have one category named "General". You can add other categories, and edit or delete this one.

Each category label has the following fields:




This is the system ID of the category


The actual label that you'll select when making an interest adjustment transaction.


Shows whether the category is active. Inactive categories will not be available when creating new interest adjustments. Active categories will be the only available categories to select form inside a loan when creating an adjustment.


This button will allow you to change the 'Active' status of a category. You must have at least one Active category when creating interest adjustments. If you attempt to inactivate the last active category, the system will give you an error that states, "You cannot inactivate the last category in your library."


This button will allow you to edit a category by changing its name.


This button will allow you to delete a category.

If one of your categories is used in one or more active Interest adjustments, you will not be allowed to fully delete that category but only Inactivate it. It should come up with a error stating that it will be set as Inactive instead of deleting, shown down below.

Adding a New Interest Adjustment Category

To add a new adjustment category, click the 'Add' button at the top right of the page.

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Enter in the desired name for your category (this should be alphanumeric with a maximum of 50 characters) then click 'Save'. If you attempt to create a new category with the name of an already existing category, it will send you an error stating, "A category with that name already exists".

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