In the United States, each State has regulations on the creation of loans regarding Interest Rate and APR. Other countries also have Usury laws, some of which change depending on the geographic region, others apply to the entire country. These regulations dictate the maximum Interest Rate/APR that can be charged on a loan. Sometimes these laws are dependent upon the loan amount, the type of loan, the collateral of the loan, and etc.

Please check the applicable laws for your jurisdiction in determining the Usury laws applicable to your business location.

The Usury alert in LoanPro only provides a warning in the Account Setup when usury rules are violated, which can be bypassed. It does not guarantee that all loans follow the usury rules that have been set.

Setting up Usury Alerts

LoanPro gives you the option to specify when usury alerts should occur, and whenever you create/edit a loan, LoanPro will tell you if you are breaking the input usury standards.

Note: LoanPro does not take responsibility if your company gives out illegal loans, knowingly or unknowingly. It is highly recommended to have capable individuals familiar with the laws applicable to your company review all loans to ensure that they are within all legal limits.

The Usury alert is meant to be a tool to help your company and is not a guarantee of the legality of any loans for which your company may be held responsible.

Please note that LoanPro bases the Usury Alert on APR and not Interest Rate. Though these two numbers can be similar, they are not the always the same.

To set up usury alerts, navigate to Settings > Loan > Alerts > Usury.

Next, you will need to choose the type of usury alert that you want. The different types are outlined below.

Types of Usury Alerts



Age of Collateral

Brackets based off of the collateral's age are used to determine the max APR rate for the loan. Most states won't have any specific law tying usury to collateral, but this option lets lenders standardize the rates they offer as vehicles (or other collateral) ages.

Flat Usury Rate

A single max APR rate is set for all loans regardless of any other factors.

Loan Amount Tier

Brackets based off of the loan's amount are used to determine the max APR rate for the loan.


No APR warnings will be used across all of LoanPro for the company.

For additional information regarding creating usury alerts please refer to the Create Usury Alert article.

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