Default SCRA Process

These are additional processes that you can add to your LMS tenant to help streamline your loan servicing. You can either set them up yourself using process wizards, or reach out to your success specialist to enlist the help of our support engineers (tech support rates may apply).


A major function of LoanPro software is to make common company processes as streamlined and effective as possible, to save users on time and manpower. This article will cover how this is generally accomplished with the SCRA process.


The flow chart below outlines all the changes and processes implemented by LoanPro directed by the agent user's inputs in the wizard. The agent user's role is outlined in this article. 

Default SCRA Process

The Default SCRA Process makes handling SCRA Requests a smooth and streamlined process. The Servicemember Civil Relief Act is law designed to ease financial burdens of servicemembers during times of active military service. This article will not detail all the clauses of the SCRA act but will explain how to utilize the process wizard in LoanPro. 

Starting the Process

In the event that a customer requests SCRA, the agent managing the customer's account can enter the specific loan and navigate to the 'Wizards' tab. This page shows all the process wizards available for use on the account. Some of the process wizards have certain requirements in regards to the loan that must be met in order to start the process wizard. 

For 'SCRA Wizard - A', the requirements to start the wizard process are that the loan must be in an 'Open' status and the payoff of the loan account must be greater than $0.00. If the loan account meets these conditions, the agent can open and begin the process. 

Step 1: SCRA Wizard - A

Once the agent clicks  and  the agent will be brought to the first screen of the wizard. 

This page allows for the agent to enter in general information regarding the SCRA request. 

  • SCRA Notification Date: The agent can enter in the date they were notified of SCRA.
  • SCRA Customer is a Dependent of the Service Member: Select yes if the SCRA was requested by a dependent of the service member.
  • SCRA Orders Received Date: Enter in the date the Service member received their orders (if known).
  • SCRA Is the Customer the Service Member: Select Yes if the SCRA was requested by the service member.
  • SCRA Type of Service: Choose from National Guard/Reserve and Standard Active Duty.
  • SCRA Active Duty Start Date: Enter in the active duty start date (if known).
  • SCRA Customer is Currently on a Payment Program: Select Yes if SCRA has already been requested and implemented for the customer.
  • Active Duty Military Notification Received: Check the box if this notification has been received.
  • SCRA Information Updated: This checkbox is checked if the agent needs to update any of the original information entered in about the SCRA Request.

After the agent has entered in all the available and needed information. They will click the  button in the top right and then   to continue on to page 2 of the wizard.

On this page, the agent is instructed to select an appropriate action and result, then document any appropriate information regarding the SCRA request. After saving the information, the agent will click  to complete the Wizard - A. 

Step 1: SCRA Wizard - B

In order to open and start SCRA Wizard - B, the checklist item 'Active Duty Military Notification Received' must be checked. The agent will begin this wizard in the same manner as the first. 

On the first page of the wizard, the agent has the option to enter in any additional known information regarding the SCRA Request or decline the SCRA Request. 

  • SCRA Orders Received: Select Yes if the service member has received their orders.
  • SCRA Orders Received Date: If the orders have been received, enter in the received date (if known).
  • SCRA Active Duty Start Date: Enter in the active duty start date of the service member (if known).
  • SCRA Decline Reason: If the SCRA Request has been declined, select a decline reason:
    • Not a Service Member or Eligible Dependent: Select this option if the request was made by a person who does not qualify as a service member/eligible dependent.
    • Orders Received Date is Before the Open Date: Select this option if the orders received date of the service member is before the open date of the loan account.
    • Active Duty Start Date is Before the Open Date: Select this option if the active duty start date is before the open date of the loan account.
    • Unable to Verify Eligibility: Select this option if for some reason eligibility for SCRA is unable to be verified. 

After the agent has entered in the necessary information regarding the SCRA request review, they will click  in the top right and then click the  button. 

On page 2 of Wizard - B, the agent will modify the loan according to the terms of SCRA. Helpful Dates & Amounts are provided in the instructions column on the left side (scroll down to view the dates/amounts). After the agent has followed the instructions and modified the loan according to SCRA terms, they will click .

If the SCRA request has been declined, the agent will skip this step and proceed to the next page of the wizard by clicking .

If the customer has a scheduled Autopay, the agent will review it and adjust it as needed to match the new payment amount and payment date (if altered in the modification). Then the agent will click If the SCRA request has been declined, the agent will skip this step and proceed  to the next page of the wizard by clicking  .

If the agent adjusted the interest rate according to SCRA terms (in the loan modification), the agent will select Yes and  the item. If the interest rate has not been adjusted, the agent will select No and proceed to the final page of the wizard. 

On this page, the agent will select an appropriate action and result and document any additional necessary notes regarding the SCRA request. Once the information has been saved, click  to finish the wizard. 

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