LoanPro Telephony Integration Example


LoanPro enterprise clients have often created their own custom application in order to facilitate servicing for their employees. This custom application often includes an integration with telephony services—automated systems which use inbound phone data to locate a customer's loan.

Locating a customer's loan and making it easily findable by a servicing agent can be done in its simplest form by taking the inbound phone number, using it to query customers in your LoanPro account, and using the returned data to identify the customer's loan.

To learn how to search customers using the LoanPro API, see the API - Searching Customers article.

After you find the customer, to find the ID of the loan that the customer is associated with, use the customer ID from the search results to pull the list of associated loans. For more information on pulling customer data, see the API - Get Customer Information article.

Once you have the ID of the loan you need, a button can be created similar to the one below:

Feel free to click this button, but note that if you aren't logged in to LoanPro it will only take you to the login page.

This block is made using the HTML below:

<form action="" method="get" target="_blank">
<button type="submit">Sample Auto Dialer Button</button>

In order to ensure that this button takes the user to the correct loan, the loanid value in the action URL should be changed to the ID you retrieved through the API.

For example, if your URL is:

and your Loan ID is 22222, the new URL will be:

This is the simplest form of this process. This could also be accomplished in more complicated ways like a browser plugin, JavaScript, using the command line or other ways. This is just a practical demonstration of how this can be done.

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