Billing and Statements


To see what you are being billed by LoanPro, navigate to the Billing & Statements area of the Account tab. Within LMS, click on your user icon in the top right, then navigate to Account > Billing & Statements.

This section is divided into six tabs:

  • Summary – This gives an overview of your company pricing and billing with LoanPro.
  • Statements – This shows exactly what you are being billed each month, with the option to expand in-depth information.
  • Payment Profiles – This tab shows the payment profiles you have on file with LoanPro. Here you also have the option to add, update, or delete payment profiles.
  • Transaction Details – This tab shows each billing transaction for your company.
  • Usage Details – This tab shows details on the usage charges you’ve incurred.
  • Billable Account Details – This tab shows details about your monthly billable account charges, including the amounts and how they were calculated.

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