Custom Account Numbering


When a new loan or lease account is created in LoanPro, an ID is assigned so that the account can be uniquely identified. There are three ways that this ID can be assigned. First, it can be assigned by LoanPro. Second, you can manually enter the ID you want to use when the account is created.  Finally, you can have LoanPro automatically assign the ID, but you can define some parameters for the ID so that it will have more meaning to you. This article covers the third numbering option.

Account Numbering

To update the settings for account numbering, navigate to Settings > Loan > Labeling > Account Numbering inside your company account.

To edit the numbering settings, click 'Edit'.

The numbering options are:



Custom Numbering

Choose whether account IDs should be assigned using this numbering method.

Next In Sequence

This number is assigned by you and is where the numbering sequence will start. This will not be the first ID assigned, but this number + the Sequence Step will be part of the next ID. For example, if you want to set 1000 as the next ID and the step is 1, you would need to set the next in sequence as 999 so the system will use 1000 (999 + 1) as the next ID.

Sequence Step

The Next In Sequence number will be incremented by the number entered in this field each time a new ID is assigned.

Use VIN for Auto Loans

This lets you choose to use the collateral VIN as the ID for auto loans.

VIN Digits

If you chose to use the VIN as the ID for auto loans, specify how many digits of the VIN should be used.  The digits used will start from the end of the VIN, so if you enter 6, the system will use the last six digits of the VIN.

Numbering Prefix

Choose whether the account ID should have a prefix added to it.  Your options are:

  • Custom – You will enter the prefix and the same prefix will be used for every ID.
  • None – No prefix is used.
  • Source Company – You can assign a custom prefix per source company which will be added to the account ID depending on which source company the account is assigned to.

Custom Prefix

This option is only shown if the Numbering Prefix selection is Custom.  Enter a custom prefix that will be added to the beginning of your account IDs.

Numbering Suffix

Choose whether a suffix should be added to your account IDs. Your options are:

  • None – No suffix will be added.
  • Source Company – If the account is assigned to a source company that has a numbering suffix, the suffix will be added to the account ID. 

Numbering Delimiter Character

Enter a character that will be used to separate the prefix main ID number and suffix. 

Once you have updated the settings, click 'Save'.

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