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In the Mail House Basics article, we give a general overview of the mail house tool and what it is. In short, the mail house tool makes it easy to send physical mail directly from LoanPro LMS. Lenders may send physical mail, whether they are required to do so by statute, or because they find it effective. Sending mail is not the primary function of any lending operation. To solve this problem, LoanPro has partnered with a service that provides printing, mailing, and tracking services, so lenders don't have to spend the time and effort to become a post office.

This article will cover the how-to of sending mail from LMS. This will include information on the options for sending mail both manually and based on either a trigger or event. Creating the content for your letters is covered in another article, Mail House – Address Blocks & Templates.

Using the Mail House Tool

The easiest way to manually send a mailer or group of mailers, is for the loans you want to send mailers to in the Loan Manager. If you're not familiar with searching the loan manager, check out the article Search for Loans.

You can choose loans one at a time within the loan manager or search for a group and send mail to every loan in the group. Here are the basic steps to follow in order to send mail.

  1. Individually select or search for the group of loans you want
  2. Send those loans to the mail house tool
  3. Choose the template you want to use as your mailer and click confirm

Search or Select Loans

The New Loan Manager make searching for and selecting recipients easy. You can either select individual loans in bulk, using the checkbox at the top right of your loan results, or you can select loans individually by checking the box to the left of the listing.

The image above shows how you can group loans and select them all at once to send to the mail house. When you select loans individually, you can send them to the mail house tool by clicking Send to Mail House, a link that appears at the top of the list of loans resulting from your search.

If you don't want to select loans individually, but would rather just send all the loans that result from the search to the tool, click the three dots at the top right of your search results and choose Send to Mail House from the drop-down menu.

Now that the loans have been loaded in to the mail house tool, click the blue 'click here' link in the information section at the top of the screen to select the template you will use.

Choose the template you'd like to use from the Template drop-down. The template itself will contain details on whether mail will be sent to either the primary or secondary customer, so make sure you choose the correct template. When you've made your selection, click the Confirm button.

Mail will be sent to either the primary or secondary customer, depending on the settings for the template you choose. It will always send to the customer's primary address, not the mailing address. Mail can be sent to either type of customer: individuals or companies.

This will send all the mail to the queue. If you didn't mean to send one or more of the pieces, you can cancel mail individually using the Cancel button. Simply click the chevron icon at the right of the listing for the mail piece, then click the cancel button.

Now that the mail is queued, it will automatically move through the process until it is delivered. The statuses associated with each piece's move through the process will update as it goes.

Mail House Tool

As your mail moves through the process, you may want to check specific mail pieces to see how delivery is progressing. If you navigate to the mail house tool in Tools > Customer Communication > Mail House, you can easily see everything you've sent. You can also filter the search for mail pieces using the following options:

  • Loan ID
  • Status - Mail Piece Status
  • Date - The date the piece entered the queue
  • To - The name of the recipient
  • Address - The recipient address
  • Source Service - The way the piece was sent (e.g. mail house tool, trigger-based notification, event-based notification, etc.)

Additional Ways to Send Mail

In addition to queueing mail from the Loan Manager through the mail house tool, mail can be queued from several other places in the software. The most popular of these are the trigger-based and event-based notifications, because they are automated. A rule can be written to define when and to whom mail should be sent, and it wills send automatically when the rule's criteria are met.

Loan and customer documents and generated custom forms can also be manually to the mail house tool.

Loan and customer documents that are PDFs can be sent to the mail house. Documents that are of other file types can not.

For more information on setting up notifications that are sent through the mail house service, see our articles Trigger-Based Notifications - Mail House and Event-Based Notifications - Mail House.

Loan Documents

LMS also lets you to send loan documents or customer documents to borrower's through the mail house tool. You can do this by navigating within a specific loan to Servicing > Documents or within a customer to Customer Docs. Click the 3-dots icon to the right of any listed documents, and choose to send it to the mail house.

If the information is accurate, click 'Send'. This will send the document to the mail house where you will be able to send it to the borrower.

Use Cases and Questions

Many lenders who use this feature are legally required to send physical mail to their borrowers. This often means that account statements, escrow analyses, and payment notifications are sent via mail. While this is the most typical scenario, some customers have also found physical mail to be an effective tool for marketing to existing customers or attracting more collections attention.

Does LoanPro provide template forms for use with the mail house? LoanPro doesn't provide templates, however, we can work with you to get templates you use now into the software.

I already have a template that I like. Can I use it in the mail house tool? Yes. If your template was created in Microsoft Word as a .docx file, it can be uploaded as a template. If not, our Success Team can help you re-create any form you have as a mail house template.


These are the following terms that you use in sending mail through the mail house:



Loan ID

The loan ID of the customer you sent the mail to.

Template ID

The ID for a specific mail house template.

Template Name

A unique name for each mail house template


Code that's put into a mail house template; when the system generates a letter, it replaces variables with actual data from each specific loan.

Submitted On

The timestamp for when the mail house batch was submitted. Mail can be cancelled up to one hour after


The status of the mail that you sent. Here are the available statuses.

What's Next

From here, you should have most of the info you need to send letters to your borrowers. Here's a few articles to keep that momentum going:

  • Mail House Tracking & History This article explains how to track your mail's status once it's sent and review the history of previous mail house batches.
  • Mail House - Templates This article will tell you how to build mail house templates yourself. Remember that our Success Team is available to help, if you need it.

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