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The admin stats report is designed to give you general information about the performance of a single account. The report is located in Reports > Admin Stats inside any loan account.

Available Information

The admin stats report is broken down into three sections: Standard Stats, Closed Stats, and Collection Stats. Standard Stats displays information relevant to an open loan; closed stats displays information relevant to a paid-off loan; and collection stats displays information relevant to a loan that is in collections.

Standard Stats

Here is a breakdown of what the Standard Stats page consists of:



Interest Collected

This is the total amount of interest collected so far on the account.

Fees Collected

This is the total amount of fees collected on the account, i.e. fees that have been paid (you actually received this money), not fees assessed.

Discount Collected

This is the amount of discount paid by the customer so far on the loan.

Remaining Principal Balance

This is the total amount of unpaid principal on the loan.

Active ROI

This is the annualized return on your investment. This calculates the percentage that your investment is yielding based on actual payments received on the loan. To caculate this, use the following formula:

$$\text{ROI} = \frac{\text{Total Profit}}{\text{Total Loan Amount}}\times{100}$$

$$\text{Active ROI} = \frac{\text{ROI} \times{365}}{\text{Days Since Contract Date}}$$

Percentage Paid Off

This is the percentage of the principal that has been paid on the loan.

Forecasted Remaining Balance

This is the interest that will be paid on the loan if all the forecast loan payments are made on the correct dates in the right amounts.

Current Payoff

This is today’s payoff amount on the loan. This includes all outstanding interest, principal, fees, and escrow, including all interest accrued since the last payment.

Today's Per Diem

This is the amount of interest that accrued today on the loan.

Original IRR

This is the original internal rate of return on the loan.

Profit Summary

This is an equation that calculates the total profit portion of payments received so far on the loan.

Last 5 Years Interest (Paid)

This is a breakdown (by year) of interest paid over the last five years.

Total Due To Date (Including Fees)

This is the total amount that has come due on the loan since the inception of the loan.

Non-Accounting Net Position

This equation shows the net position of the loan, i.e. the the amount of money invested, minus the amount paid. (It is a non-accounting position because it does not include the loan balance and revenue.)

You can also export the report as a .CSV file by selecting 'Data Options' in the top right corner.

Closed Stats

Closed stats are similar to standard stats, but numbers that aren’t relevant to a paid-off loan are omitted and original IRR is relabeled “Paid Off IRR.”

Collection Stats

Collection stats are also similar to standard stats, but Current Payoff is relabeled “Pending Collection.”

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