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The odata.svc/Customers endpoint is one of the most important in LoanPro. Through this endpoint, you can create, read, or update customers, but you can also do the same for the customer nested entities.

To get the basic customer information, send a GET request to https://loanpro.simnang.com/api/public/api/1/odata.svc/Customers({ID})

Be sure to replace the {ID} portion of the URL with the ID of the customer you are getting data for. If you don't know that ID, see our article on Finding Loan and Customer IDs.

The return for this call will not show any additional information for the nested entities. Each entity will look like this:

"PrimaryAddress": {
"__deferred": {
"uri": "Customers(id=115)/PrimaryAddress"

In order to see the information for a specific entity, use the $expand token with your URL. Set the expand token equal to any entities you want to expand, separated by commas, no spaces.



If you want to expand an entity that is nested inside a nested entity, that can be done by adding a / followed by the entity name. For example, if you want to expand the documents and then expand the customer section of the documents.



If you want to expand multiple entities, you can still include them, separated by commas, with the URL.



Finally, if you want to see the information for a nested entity only, just use a / and the entity name.



Nested Entities

The following nested entities are associated with customers:

  • PrimaryAddress - The customer's primary address
  • MailAddress - The customer's mailing address
  • Employer - Information regarding the customer's employment
  • References - The customer's references
  • PaymentAccounts - The customer's payment accounts
  • Phones - The customer's phone numbers
  • CustomFieldValues - Customer custom field values
  • Documents - Customer documents
  • CreditScore - The customer's credit score
  • Loans - The loans linked to the customer
  • SocialProfiles - Social profiles linked to the customer
  • Notes - Customer notes
Customers are nested entities within loans.

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