Create New Advancement Category


This article will explain how to create a new advancement category. Categories allow you to organize your advancements so they are clear and easy to understand. If you are new to advancements, Log an Advancement provides basics about advancements and how to apply them.

What is an Advancement Category?

An advancement category helps the system track why an advancement was applied to a loan. For example, if an advancement is applied to a loan because the borrow is going through a hardship, the agent would apply the advancement and categorize it under 'Hardship.' When looking back at the advancement, the record will clearly show why the advancement was applied.

How to Create a New Advancement Category

To create a new advancement category, navigate to Settings > Loan > Labeling > Advancement Categories inside your company account.

Click 'Add' to create a new advancement category. Then, choose a name for your new category. Click 'Save' to create the category.

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