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The schedule roll import lets you import a new schedule roll to loan accounts. This import can also edit existing schedule rolls or remove any if necessary. 

The import system is not a real-time import. When you choose to import data, the import is queued and run when it gets to the front of the queue.

Similarly, the roll schedule will not be calculated on the loan the minute they're imported. They will apply during Daily Maintenance. You can, however, force them to calculate immediately with a Calc Import, one of the options in a Loan Tools and Actions Import.

For more info on imports, see our articles on The Import Process, Importing through the API, and Import Reports.

Instructions and Samples

To import a schedule roll, navigate to Settings > Company > Import > Instructions & Samples. Expand the 'Loan Account' section and select the Simple Schedule Roll tab. This will show the instructions needed to fill out the .csv file that will be uploaded. There is also a sample .csv file provided on the top right of the page. This sample .csv file can be used as a basic framework to build your import file. 

The instructions provided below explain the basic outline and requirements of the .csv file you will upload.

Uploading the Import

To import the file you have created, navigate to Settings > Company > Import > Upload & History.

Click the  button. On the next page, select the category 'Loan Account' and sub-category 'Schedule Roll'. Then you can either drag and drop the csv. file on the designated spot or click to open you files.

New to LoanPro's Latest Release: There are two other options on this page as well, Validation Type and Import Progression.

  • Validation type
    • File rejection – If the file has any errors, LoanPro will reject it entirely, and tell you which rows have problems.
    • Line rejection – LoanPro will accept all valid rows, but reject any rows that have issues.
  • Import Progression
    • Manual – A human being will need to manually click through each step of the import.
    • Automatic – LoanPro will automatically start the next import step when it reaches the end of the previous step, including: validating, ingesting, verifying, and reporting.
    For more info, see our article on The Import Process.
Click  .

Find your import on the list and click the green checkmark to validate the file. If the file has any information that is not entered in correctly or is missing any required fields, the validation process will return errors. Correct the specified errors, reupload the corrected file, and validate the file again. If all the required information is present and entered in correctly, the file will validate.

Once the file has been validated, click on the green import button  to begin the import process. You will be notified when the process is complete and/or if there were any errors that occured while the file was being imported.

The roll schedule will be calculated on the loan during daily maintenance, or you can use a Calc Import (one of the options in a Loan Tools and Actions Import) to force it immediately.

Column Values

This table gives the basic outline and requirements of the .csv file you will upload.



Expected Values

Data Format



Command Action instructions. What are you trying to do?.

add, update, remove




Schedule Roll Identification Number.


Required for Update, or Remove actions. Omit/Ignore on Add actions


Account number.




The requested payment amount of the Roll Schedule.


Required for Add, or Update actions. Omit/Ignore on Remove actions


The annual interest rate.


Not Required


The number of terms the schedule will.


Not Required but necessary to specify the # of terms the schedule will apply


Due date the schedule will start on. This value is linked to the "Schedule Line Beginning Due Date" field found in the UI.


Required for Add actions. Omit/Ignore on Update and Remove actions


After roll schedule terms are up, the schedule will revert back to the terms previous to the roll schedule.

Text: Yes/No

Required for Add, or Update actions. Omit/Ignore on Remove actions


How to solve the schedule roll. This value is linked to the "Type" field found in the UI.

advanced_schedule, dollar_amount, interest_only, interest_only_plus, percent_remaining_balance, percent_of_principal, percent_of_principal_underwriting


Required for Update


The percentage to solve for.


Not Required


The number of advanced terms (if using the appropriate method).


Not Required


What to solve for with the schedule roll. This value is linked to the "Solve Using" field found in the UI.

balance, payment


Required for Update


Balance to solve for.


Not Required


Force a balloon payment at the end?.


Text: Yes/No

Required for Update


Makes the last payment for this line grow or shrink to accommodate late or missed payments so it will truly be the last payment.


Text: Yes/No

Not Required

Make sure that all the fields marked as required have the appropriate values entered in.

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