Company Billing Summary


The Company Billing Summary shows numbers and dates that affect your company billing. To view this data, navigate to My Account > Billing & Statements > Summary inside your company account.

The tab is divided into four subcategories: Pricing Summary, Important Dates, Data Storage Information, and # Of Accounts Details.

Pricing Summary

The “Pricing Summary” offers a quick view of:

  • The current amount due on your company account
  • The estimated amount due on the next billing process date
  • Pricing (via a link to the pricing table)

Important Dates

The “Important Dates” page offers a quick view of several dates recorded by the system. These are:

  • Contract Activation Date
  • Contract Expiration
  • Contract Automatic Renewal Date
  • Opt Out of Automatic Contract Renewal Deadline

Data Storage Information

This tab offers a quick view of your data usage and any potential charges stemming from data usage. These include:

  • Total S3 Data stored
  • Free Data Storage Included
  • Amount of Data Charged For
  • Data Storage Cost Per MB
  • Estimated Storage Monthly Cost

# Of Accounts Details

This section gives you a quick breakdown of your accounts currently in the system, including:

  • Total number of accounts
  • Number of live accounts
  • Number of archived accounts
  • Total billable accounts (via a link to billing account details)

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