Company Billing Summary


The Company Billing Summary shows numbers and dates that affect your company billing. To view this data, navigate to your company account in the top right corner, selecting Account > Billing & Statements > Summary inside your company account.

The tab is divided into four subcategories: Pricing Summary, Important Dates, Data Storage Information, and # Of Accounts Details.

Pricing Summary

The “Pricing Summary” offers a quick view of:

  • The current amount due on your company account
  • The estimated amount due on the next billing process date
  • Pricing (via a link to the pricing table)

Important Dates

The “Important Dates” page offers a quick view of several dates recorded by the system. These are:

  • Contract Activation Date
  • Contract Expiration
  • Contract Automatic Renewal Date
  • Opt Out of Automatic Contract Renewal Deadline

Data Storage Information

This tab offers a quick view of your data usage and any potential charges stemming from data usage. These include:

  • Total S3 Data stored
  • Free Data Storage Included
  • Amount of Data Charged For
  • Data Storage Cost Per MB
  • Estimated Storage Monthly Cost

# Of Accounts Details

This section gives you a quick breakdown of your accounts currently in the system, including:

  • Total number of accounts
  • Number of live accounts
  • Number of archived accounts
  • Total billable accounts (via a link to billing account details)

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