Secure Payments API Generate NACHA File

POST nacha

When this endpoint is called, all transactions for the specified processor from the current day that are in the pending status will be updated to the processing status and assigned a unique batch ID. All transactions for the processor from the current day that have not been included in a previous batch will be assigned to this batch. If the Export Type of the specified processor has been set to NACHA or CSV, the NACHA file generation for the processor will happen immediately.  It is important to note that if this endpoint is called, the daily scheduled processor export will not occur at the standard cutoff time. If, after a report has been processed, a transaction is posted it will be added to the normal automated export for the next day.

Note: When NACHA files are generated, any special character names will be scrubbed out. Accepted characters are 0-9 a-z A-Z - & , .

Endpoint: /nacha


"processor": PROCESSOR ID

The response will be the uuid or batch ID of the new batch.

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