Register a Phone Number (SMS)


In order to send SMS text messages to a customer using the LoanPro  Solutions By Text integration, you need to register the customer’s phone number.  This article will go over how to do that.

Note: If you register a phone number and the customer then sends you a message before you send one to them, LoanPro will not be able to identify the customer and the message won’t be posted to the customer’s account.

Note: Phone numbers must be of the types "Cell" or "Cell-Smart Phone" in order to be able to be verified for SMS.

How To

You can register a phone number from inside a customer file either within a loan or within the customer manager.  Start on the  Contact & Personal Information tab.

Click the checkmark button to start the verification process. This is next to the phone number in the General Information section.

You will first see a modal window that will ask if you want the system to send the verification message to this phone number.  Clicking Send Verification Message will send an SMS message to this phone number.

You can see that two messages have been received on the mobile phone.  You should enter both of these codes into the provided fields that should now be present in the modal window.

Once you have entered one or both of these PINs, click Confirm PIN Number to confirm.  Notice that the first PIN will authorize your company to sent the customer account information, while the bottom PIN will authorize your company to send marketing messages to the customer.

Once you have confirmed one or more PINs you are done.

Now you will have the chance to change the status for either the account message authorization or the marketing message authorization using the toggle switches provided. When you are done with this window, click Close. Now you are ready to send SMS messages to the borrower using the SMS tool or SMS notifications.

SMS Verification Import

If your company is new to SBT and you would like to verify customers in a batch instead of one at a time, you can do that through an import. The import is the Customer > Tool Actions import. This import gives other options, but we will just look at the option to verify the customer's primary phone number for SMS.

Note: Phone numbers can only be verified for SMS if the phone number type is either "Cell" or "Cell-Smart Phone".

Create the Import File

The easiest was to create the import file is to download the template import file and then add your data. To download the template file, navigate to Settings > Company > Import > Instructions & Samples.

In the navigation area, expand Customer and click Tool Actions. Click customerToolsSample.csv to download the sample file.

This is what should go under each header:

  • action - update
  • customerId - the numeric ID of the customer whose phone number you want to verify
  • ofac - leave this blank
  • uspsverify - leave this blank
  • credco - leave this blank
  • smsverify - This should be either bypasssmsverify or smsverifysend. The first option will mark the customer as verified. The second option will send the verification text to the customer.
  • carrierLookup - Leave this blank

Your completed file should look similar to the example below:

You can now  import the file to verify your customers phone numbers.

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