Troubleshooting Automatic Email


Your account must be configured correctly in order for automated email messages to be sent. There are lots of options so you can control when, how, and to whom email messages get sent. This article will go over the potential configuration options that can cause your automatic email messages not to be sent. Here are the items the article will cover:

Associated Connections Account

All email message in LoanPro get sent to Connections before they are sent to the customer. Because of this, if you don't have a valid Connections account associated with your LoanPro account, you won't be able to send emails.

To check if you have a valid, associated Connections account, navigate to Settings > Company > Plugins > Connections

If there is an associated Connections account, the account balance will be shown. If you can see the account balance, a valid Connections account is not the problem.

Email Function Enabled

Next, check of the email function in Connections is enabled. To do this, navigate to the SERVICES tab on the Connections screen.

Check that the email service is enabled. If it is not, enable it.

SMTP or SES Configuration


Connections offer the option to use  your own email service through SMTP. SMTP stands for simple mail transfer protocol. The email service you use probably has an SMTP option. If you have elected to use your own email service through SMTP check the configuration to make sure it's accurate. To do this, first click the  icon for the email service.

Select SMTP from the drop-down. Now review your configuration.

Make sure that your configuration is correct. It should include three pieces of information:

  • Host - This is the URL of the SMTP server used by your email service.
  • User - This is most often the email address you use through this service.
  • Password - This is the password associated with user.

If you make any changes to the configuration, make sure and save them by clicking Save.


If you are using your own SES account for email, the process is the same, except SES should be selected from the drop-down.

Now verify that the Access Key Id and Secret Access Key are correct for your SES account. If you make any changes, save the by clicking Save.

Verified Email

If you are using the Connections house account or your own SES account for email, you will be required to verify a from address in order send email messages. The instructions for verifying an email address can be found  here.

Do-Not-Disturb Settings

The do-not-disturb settings are unlikely to be the problem. To check them, navigate to Settings > Company > Emails > Do Not Disturb Settings.

If you have nothing added to this section, this is not the problem. If you have added so many do-not-disturb times set that there are no times that emails can be sent, this will be the issue and adjustments should be made to allow emails to be sent.


Message Enabled

If your emails are sending generally, but a specific message isn't being sent out, it may be that the message is not enabled. To check this, navigate to Settings > Company > Notifications inside your account. Navigate to either Event Based Notifications or Trigger Based Notifications depending on the message you plan to check.

Click the  icon for the message you want to check.

Go to the email tab and make sure the email is enabled. If it is not enabled, enable it and click Save.

Message Present

If the message is enabled, make sure there is some message content, a from email address is selected, a from title has been entered, a deliver to option has been selected and an email subject is present.

If you change or add any information, click Save.

Email Restrictions

If a specific message isn't reaching one of your customers, it could be because of email restrictions, which restrict the recipients of and email to a specific group of customers. Check the restrictions, which can be found inside trigger or event based notification.

If you make any changes to restrictions for a message, click Save.


Valid Customer Email Address

If an email is reaching some customers, but not others, the problem could be as simple as the customer not having a valid email address. To check this, navigate to the Contact & Personal information inside the customer.

If the email address needs to be changed, click Edit to update it.

Customer Enrollment

In order for a customer to receive an email, they must be enrolled for email. In order to check a customer's enrollment status, navigate to Links & Access inside of the customer.

Here you can see a list of the loans the customer is linked to. Make sure the customer is enrolled for email for each of their loans.

Enrollment By Loan Status

Enrollment by loan status will let you decide in which loan statuses customers should receive communication, including emails. For instructions on enrollment by loan status settings, click  here.

Note: Failed emails will be automatically reprocessed to send out again.

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