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The email tool lets you easily send emails to any customer or group of customers. You can also save the emails you compose as forms so that you can use them multiple times. Lastly, LoanPro lets you use variables in your emails so you can easily pull borrower and loan information to make emails specific to each recipient. This article will help you with each of these steps as well as provide links to articles that explain the processes in greater detail.

Adding Email Recipients

Before you can compose an email, you must first specify one or more email recipients. This can be done in several ways. First, you can send a group of loans from the loan list to the email tool. Second, you can choose specific loans from the loan list to add to your list of recipients. Once you've chosen a specific loan, you can then click on a customer's email address inside of a loan.

Let’s start by adding customers from the loan list. Navigate to Loans > Loan Manager inside your company account.

Now, search for the loans that have customers that you want to email. Once you have searched, select the 'Email List' option from the Data Options drop-down menu in the top right corner of the Loan Manager page.

By selecting this option, a list of loans will be created based on your search parameters. The loans that fall within those parameters will be included in the list of recipients. Once you click this option, you will be taken to Tools > Customer Communication > Email to complete the email process.

The second way to add recipients to an email list is through the Loan Summary page. After selecting the loan you'd like to include on the email list, navigate to 'Customer' to see the customer's contact information. On the customer summary page, click the email icon below a loan ID. Clicking the customer's listed email address will add that email to the list.

After you have selected the accounts you would like to email, navigate to Tools > Customer Communication > Email to complete the email process.

Composing an Email

To compose an email with the LoanPro email tool, navigate to Tools > Customer Communication > Email inside your company account.

If you have loaded accounts into the email tool, you will see a button at the top right of the email area. Click this button to compose the email.

To create a new email, choose one of your link texts from the 'From' drop-down option. When the email is received, it will look as though it came from this email address. Simply add a subject into the subject field, write the body of the email into the text box provided, and click send when finished.


There are several tools to help format your email. Here is an overview of the formatting tools included:

Email Variables

You can also use variables to write an email. Variables pull information that is specific to each recipient and their loan. You can access these variables by clicking 'Help variables'. Use the search field to search for the variable you want to use. Once you have found the variable you would like to use, click the hyperlink to insert it into your email. For more information on using variables, see our article on Working with Variables.

Saving Emails

Instead of composing an email, you have the option to save your email as an email form. These options are all available in the 'Email forms' drop-down.

To save the email you composed as a new email form, choose the 'Save as new' option from the 'Email forms' drop-down. You will then need to enter a title for the form in the Form 'Title' field.

Once you've chosen a title for your new email form, click 'Save'.

To load an existing email form, click the email title in the list at the bottom of the drop-down.

Note: Any emails that fail will be automatically reprocessed to send out again.

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