Payment Authorization


The payment authorization is designed to be read in order to obtain verbal consent from your customers before you process payments. The payment authorization text will be displayed on the Preview & Confirm section of the  payment process. This article will cover how to edit the payment authorization.

How To

The payment authorization text can be found under Settings > Loan > Payments > Authorization Text within your LoanPro account.

To edit the authorization text, click 'Edit'.

You can now change the content of the payment authorization. There are two versions: one with a convenience fee and one without. To add variables to either authorization, click Help variables above the edit area.

Use the Search by keyword field to search for variables you want. Click the  icon located to the left of any variable to load the variable information into the Info section.

Next, click the link provided to add the variable to the authorization text. Since the authorization will be for the payment that you are trying to log, you can use the payments array variable with the index of 'current' to reference the payment you are trying to log. Here's an example of what this would look like:


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