Secure Payments Usage History


Under the Reports section of the left side panel in Secure Payments, you'll find the Usage History. The Usage History section of Secure Payments is designed to show your current balance and usage so you can see where you are spending money in Secure Payments. Your current balance is visible at the top left of the list of transactions. Underneath the balance are two drop-downs you can use to filter the list of transactions by date range or by service type. You can also search by a custom date range by clicking on the date range itself.

The transaction list is the main body of the page, where you can see the ID, Date, Service, and Action for each transaction. By default, the transactions list will show you a list of all transactions for the current month, but when you select a filter, the results will show in the transaction list. If you want to export the transactions list, click the button with three bars, then click the Excel icon that appears.

To the right of the transactions list, there will be a box that say 'Total Number Of Calls.' This will give a summary of how many call of each servicing type have occurred.

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