Secure Payments API – GET Checking Account


In this article, we explain how to pull checking account information via the Secure Payments API.

How To

When a payment profile is created within Secure Payments, its information is tokenized. This token is required to pull account information.

To pull a checking account's information, send a GET request to the following endpoint:


Replace {token} with the specific checking account token.

Since you're sending a get request, a payload is not required.

A successful request will result in a response similar to the following:

"address": "1143 Raymond Rd",
"finicity_available_balance_date": null,
"account_type": "checking",
"finicity_available_balance": null,
"city": "KAYSVILLE",
"bank_name": "WELLS FARGO BANK NA",
"state": "UT",
"zipcode": "84037",
"eft_branch_number": "",
"response_code": "NV",
"accountholder_name": "ValidiFI Enhanced",
"routing_number": "124002971",
"account_number": "123456789",
"validation_data": "{\"@Name\":\"AccountValidation-Enhanced-v2\",\"@ServiceID\":\"65\",\"@Status\":\"15\",\"DateTime\":\"2023-01-16T11:53:09\",\"Result\":\"99\",\"ResultCode\":\"NV\",\"Message\":\"Not Validated\"}",
"eft_institution_number": "",
"uuid": "41834cee-95be-11ed-b4c9-125af3be76a3",
"finicity_sandbox": null,
"finicity_last_transaction_date": null,
"country": "USA",
"finicity_continual_capture": null

How can I tell if a checking account has been verified?
If you're using LoanPro's ValidiFI integration to verify checking accounts, the account's verification status will be included in your payload. Verification information is stored in two fields: the "response_code" field and the "validation_data" field. If you are not using account verification, these two fields will store a null value.

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