Customer Communication History


Communication history shows you a history of SMS (text) and email messages sent or received by the system, Mail House history, and notes from TCN campaigns.  The Communication History tab is located inside each customer file.  Use the tabs at the top of the page to navigate through the different sections.


The SMS section of the history page will show a running communication between your company and the customer that includes all sent and received messages.

Email History

The email history will capture the first 500 characters (excluding HTML) of your email messages.  It will show information for emails that were manually sent, or emails that were automatically sent by the system.

TCN History

This section will show a history of TCN phone calls to the customer, including the outcome of the phone call.

Mail House

The mail-house section will show all the pieces of physical mail that have been sent to the customer through the Connections mail-house service.

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