Rules Applied – Evaluation Order

New Features: In one of LoanPro's most recent updates, we've improved our Rules Applied system. Before, a rule could only trigger a single change, but now one rule can prompt multiple actions. Instead of a daisy-chain of rules, checklists, and portfolios, you'll be able to set a simplify your automation and loan servicing processes.
And don't worry — the change is completely backwards-compatible, so all of your existing rules still work. For more information, see Rules Applied – Basics.


Since the application of one rule can make changes that could affect another rules application, LoanPro gives you the option to specify the evaluation order of rules applied for your company. The rules are additionally split into two categories:

  1. Pre Activation – this means that the rules applied will be executed before a loan account is activated.
  2. Post Activation – this means that the rules applied will be executed after the loan account has been activated.

This setting can be managed within the individual rules. 

How To Change Evaluation Order

In LMS, navigate to Settings > Loan > Rules Applied. This page lists all of the rules saved in your tenant. At the left of each entry, you'll see a number in an orange box, indicating its current rank in the evaluation order.

To change the evaluation order, just click on the gray arrow icon to the left of the order number and drag it wherever you'd like. Any changes will be saved automatically.

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