API – NACHA Transaction Tracking Using Custom Fields


Customers who use NACHA files to process transactions will often want to do something like the following:

  • Pull a Payment History Report from LoanPro
  • Create a NACHA file outside of Secure Payments
  • Upon creation of the NACHA file call LoanPro to update the payments included in the NACHA file to mark them as submitted or some other status

To do this, you’ll first need a select type payment custom field.

The select custom field will probably work something like this:

The field will likely have 3 options: 1 – Not Submitted, 2 – NACHA Submitted, 3 – Completed. The default value should be 1 – Not Submitted.

Create a NACHA File Outside Secure Payments

The first step in creating a NACHA file is to pull a list of payments using the payment report endpoint. This article gives an overview of how to search payments through the Payments Report via the API: API - Payment Report.

To search for payments with a custom field that has an ID of 25 that is set to the value 1, you would use the following payload. Change the custom field ID or value to fit the field you have created for this purpose:

POST https://securepayments.loanpro.io/api/search/transaction
"query": null,
"reportOptions": {
"method": "all",
"type": "all",
"status": "all",
"reversereason": "all",
"chargeOff": "all",
"period": "other",
"dateFrom": "",
"dateTo": "",
"changedPeriod": "tw",
"changedDateFrom": "2017-11-12T00:00:01",
"changedDateTo": "2017-11-15T23:59:59",
"sourceCompanies": [
"id": ""
"portfoliosCriteria": "all",
"splitPayments": "all",
"dateEnteredPeriod": "other",
"dateEnteredTo": "",
"dateEnteredFrom": "",
"customFields": {
"25": "1"
"chargeOffRecovery": "all",
"selectedPortfolios": [
"category": "",
"portfolio": "",
"subportfolio": ""

The next step is to directly update that custom field value. If the custom field value has an ID of 111, you would use the following endpoint:

PUT api/public/api/1/odata.svc/CustomFieldValues(111)


"customFieldValue": "2"

This will update the custom field value to a value of “2” (or NACHA Submitted) for the related payment.

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