Portfolio Overview


Portfolios are designed to help your company specify groups of loans. They can be used to group things like location, loan size, investor, servicing company or any other form of grouping that your company desires. Once loans are assigned to portfolios, you can filter the loan search and reports so that you can more easily track performance, delinquency, and many other things based on portfolio.

Below is a diagram of how portfolio structure works in LoanPro. You can have as many Portfolio Categories (grandparents) as you’d like, as many Portfolio Titles (children) per Category that you would like, and finally you can have as many Sub Portfolios (grandchildren) per Portfolio Title that you would like. If your company prefers not to go that deep into grouping, you may stop at the Category, or Title level.



**Note: Portfolios are not intended to track the progress of loans through the loan cycle (loan statuses are specifically for this).  They are also not intended to track aging, delinquency, recency or anything else. That is a part of the brackets feature of LoanPro.


To learn how to create portfolios for your company, please read our Portfolios article.

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