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"Source company" is a flexible label, and LoanPro lets you use them in whatever way best suits your needs. Some users might use source companies to keep track of where their loans originate, such as auto lots, loan brokers, or any other business that refers customers to them. LoanPro users with several brick-and-mortar locations might instead use the field to keep track of where their loans originated and are serviced (To facilitate this, LoanPro has also added features like the Cash Drawer and Vault to help you keep track of money at these locations).

Whatever your intended use for source companies, the Source Company Manager will help you configure and keep track of them.

Main Page and Navigation

From anywhere in LoanPro, go to the banner across the top of the page and click Users > Source Company Manager.

Dashboard, Search, and Results

The main page features a small dashboard across the top of the page showing the total number of source companies, how many cash drawers are active, and the total sum of cash in all vaults. Just below this dashboard is a search bar. You can filter by status, country, and state/province, or search for a specific name, email, zip code or phone number.

To the right of the search bar is a button to create a New Source Company (see Create a New Source Company).

At the far right is a button with three vertical dots; this is used to import or export source companies. Clicking 'Export All to CSV' will prompt a small notification saying that the data dump process has started. Then, a red number will appear on the blue icon just beneath the import/export button, telling how many reports are currently being generated. Clicking 'Import Via CSV' will redirect you to the Import Upload and History page (see our article on The Import Process).

Search Results

Beneath the search bar are all of your source companies. There's no limit on the number of source companies you can set up, but this page will show 10 by default, and a button in the lower left-hand corner will let you adjust that view to 25 or 50 companies. Each entry will list the source company's name, city, state, vault balance, number of active cash drawers, activity status, and primary contact. You can also add a photo, and the green or grey dot indicates whether the source company is active or inactive, respectively. Clicking on the headings for any of these column headings will let you sort, and clicking again will let you toggle whether they're sorted with ascending or descending values.

Clicking the box on the left will let you select specific source companies; a banner at the bottom of the screen will give the option to export only those you've selected.

Individual Companies

From the main page, you can click on any of these source companies, which will take you to that company's page. The header displays the company name, ID, and basic information. Below, tabs separate the different editable areas.

These tabs are covered in their own articles:

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